Aurora Tutu (Medium)
Aurora Tutu (Medium)

Aurora Tutu (Medium)


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Collection:Aurora Tutu (Medium)



Made in England

Size:Bow 8-8.5cm

Alligator 4.5-5cm

This reference includes three pieces of hair clip, with plastic wrapping. You may purchase additional gift bag

All clips are safe to use and secure

All clips can be worn individually or attached to our interchangeable headbands

Handmade items, size may have some slight difference

Charms are specially hand-crafted from England

Glitter glues were used to the beautifully designed Pominnie bows for its best shape and look. Some glitter may fall at first few uses

Why choose us?

world's most perfectly sewn bow

Monkey Bow hair bows are handmade in the UK by our highly skilled team, using only the finest materials. From soft headbands for tiny newborns to clips of all sizes for older girls, we are confident you will find what you are looking for in our extensive range.