The Unicorn Dream Nail Polish Set
The Unicorn Dream Nail Polish Set
The Unicorn Dream Nail Polish Set
The Unicorn Dream Nail Polish Set

The Unicorn Dream Nail Polish Set


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Once upon a time there lived a rainbow unicorn called Jammie. She lived in Cotton Candy Valley, where you lookup the sky, is surrounded by rainbow and fluffy clouds. Whenever Jammie looks out the window, she wonders how amazing it is to be flying above that beautiful sky. She thought, “I wish my hair were colorful like the rainbow. Maybe I’ll sow my white fur in the garden and see if anything magical happens!”

What an amazement to find that the hair had grown up in the night and climbed up and up until they covered the high cliff to the clouds above! The fur turned into stalks, twined and twisted themselves together until they formed quite a ladder just like in the beanstalk fairytale.

Jammie’s mother supports Jammie to follow her dream and gave her a set of balloons at the farewell. Jammie instantly began to climb and went up and up on the ladder-like beanstalk until everything she had left behind her -- the home, and the valley looked quite little, and still, she could not reach to the clouds. Jammie felt a little tired and thought for a moment that she would go back again; but she was a very persevering girl, and she knew that the way to succeed is never give up.


So after resting for a moment, she went on. The balloons her mother had given her started to lift her up to the sky. She finally reached to the Rainbow Cloud Land!!As she cheers to herself for the achievement, the balloons popped, and a note appeared. “To our baby girl: Congratulations to making your dream come true, your father and I are so proud of you. We wish you to live in happiness in whatever you do and always remember that we will love you forever.”


As Jammie shed a little tear, she realizes her hair had turned into rainbow colors. Now she knows this trip was all about her growing up. She cannot wait to return home and shares this adventure to her daddy and mommy.



The Unicorn Dream nail polish set was inspired by the 5 shades of Jammie’s hair colors and vision. Dream, Creativity, Peace, Hope and Eternity.

Product: The Unicorn Dream Nail Polish Set


Including : 

1. Five bottles of Nail Polish - Ice Snow Blue / Thistle Purple / Mint Green / Ivory Yellow / Pearl Pink

2. One Nail Sticker - The Unicorn Dream Nail Sticker

INGREDIENTS of Nail Polish:






INGREDIENTS of Nail Sticker : Viscose, UV ink, Paper, PVC

Size:8 ml / 10 cm*7.5 cm

Made in Taiwan

Last up for 3-5 days.

Fast coloring, fast drying.

Water based.


Peel off easily.

Instruction of nail sticker: 

1. Apply your favorite nail polish color

2. Place sticker onto your nails

3. Apply top coat for lasting designs

Attention of nail sticker: 

1. Stickers are only for external use

Keep them away from your eyes and mouth

2. Keep away from the heat, fire and sun

3. Please seal stickers after using

Keep it in a cool and dry place

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