Dear members,


To provide our customers a more pleasant online shopping experience, we have upgraded our website since Sep,1st 2022. To obtain your previous member benefits, please see below:


You may receive an activation e-mail, simply click activate your account and re-set your password.

or, click here to create/re-create accounts

「New Member Policies」

-Previous order history will not be available to view, however if you wish to know your current accumulated purchase, please kindly contact us. Once you're eligible to upgrade to our Diamond or VIP members, we'd be happy to upgrade you manually. 
-After account reactivation, previous store credit/points will show up in your account. Please click the bottom left "gift box icon" for any redemption rules .

-Previous store credits/points will not be available prior account re-activation.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.


Monkey Bow Team


You may simply click join as members at check-out, or register here.

Purchase of NT$5,000/yearly will be upgraded to "Diamond Member" and receive 5% off on future orders. Purchase of NT$20,000/yearly will be upgraded to "VIP Member" and receive 10% off on all future orders, with private event invitation and seasonal gifts. Members will also have the benefit for new collection priority viewing.
Your spending in our retail stores and online shop can be accumulated together, however the system currently does not sync. Please message us when you're eligible for a membership upgrade and we'll adjust it for you right away.

New joint members automatically receives $50 points, and can be used immediately after log-in.

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