Monkey Crown - Dreamy Unicorn

Monkey Crown - Dreamy Unicorn


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Product:Dreamy Unicorn



Made in USA

Size:Tall11.6cm Width10cm

   Headband-Elastic (for 3 month newborn to adults)

You may add on numbers/initial to all crowns 

This reference includes one piece. With clear gift box. You may purchase additional gift bag

All crowns are all handmade with highest quality of lace. Size may have slight difference. Please use with care

Care instruction:

Is my crown waterproof?
Yes. All of our base crowns are completely waterproof with the exception of some embellishments {i.e. flowers, fur, sprinkles}. Which means you can completely submerge your crown underwater
How to clearn my crown?
You may run your crown under cool water and even use a little dawn soap to remove any frosting {from cake smashes} pat or air dry. *this method works on crowns without embellishments. If your crown has flowers, spot clean only
How do I reshape my crown?
If you are reshaping a base crown with no embellishments, you can reshape your crown by just running it under warm water! Yes! For mini crowns, take a cup or glass (object to reshape with) and place crown over. Run the crown under warm water for a minute and mold over cup. Switch water to cold and run it for 20 seconds. This should lock in the shape. Think warm water, softens the crown.. cold water hardens. For reshaping full size crowns, run under warm water to make it pliable, reshape by spinning the crown and molding with your hands. Rinse with cold. Let air dry and sit on a towel in the desired shape
How to wear the crown?
We provide skinny elastic headbands, so that they can be worn like a headband, behind the ears. The crowns can be worn styled centered on top of the head or off centered

Why choose us?

world's most perfectly sewn bow

Monkey Bow hair bows are handmade in the UK by our highly skilled team, using only the finest materials. From soft headbands for tiny newborns to clips of all sizes for older girls, we are confident you will find what you are looking for in our extensive range.